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Xiamen Middia Biological Ceramic Technology Co.,Ltd


MIDDIA from China, is a professional Ceramic Zirconia Product manufacturer. 

       The company’s main products: Zirconia Ceramics, Alumina Ceramics, Aluminum Nitride Ceramics, Silicon Nitride Ceramics, ceramic knives, ceramic scissors, ceramic peelers, ceramic spoons & forks,  and ceramic industrial blades. It covers the fields of kitchenware, baby utensils,fishing gears, industrial products and beauty products.


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Popular Ceramic Materials

Zirconia Ceramics
Alumina Ceramics
Aluminium Nitride
Boron Nitride
Ceramic Blades
Silicon Nitride

Ceramic Industries & Applications

Our products can be found in an ever-widening array of applications in industries as diverse as aerospace, scientific instruments, medical equipment, semiconductor, high-energy physics, and more.

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