Are ceramic knives good?

Are Ceramic Knives Good?

Advantages of ceramic knives

1:First, high hardness, the first advantage of ceramic knives is that the wear resistance is better than that of other materials. After buying a ceramic knife, you don’t need to worry about grinding knife for life.

2:Second, super durable, both in physical stores or online shopping, we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy back the tool, hope that it can be used for as long as possible, in general, the durability of the ceramic knife tool several times higher than the traditional, some good brand ceramic knife, its durability even dozens of times to achieve the common tool.

3:Third, corrosion resistance, the traditional metal cutting tools will have a certain degree of rust. Some brands, such as Zwilling in Germany, may rust for a longer time. Because the oxygen in the air and metal surface oxidation, acid-base components in food will occur and the knife surface acid-base reaction in different degree, and the ceramic tool, will not be oxidized, and will not have any reaction solution, which is why so anti corrosion ceramic knife.

4:Fourth, good toughness, toughness ceramic knife, we can refer to the following set of data, after testing, steel accounted for 8.5, accounted for 4.5 of titanium alloy, and ceramic knives accounted for 6.5, can be seen from the data that the ceramic knife cutting food, it can more than titanium alloy knife, but also more than 60 times the sharp knife, knife can also test.

5:Fifth, due to strong antibacterial, ceramic knife density greater than ordinary steel, the surface molecules arranged more closely, such a structure is not easy to propagate on the surface of bacteria, can achieve effective antibacterial effect.

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