Best Baby Feeding Spoons

Do newborns need a feeding spoon?

It is necessary to prepare a small feeding spoon. If you intend to breastfeed, it is best to use a small feeding spoon to feed the water so that the baby does not have nipple confusion. And if the baby is allowed to drink the bottle from the beginning, it is not willing to take the effort to suck the mother’s milk, and the baby who used the tea spoon before is more likely to accept other types of tableware at the stage of adding complementary food.

What should I know about the purchase of a newborn feeding spoon?

1, the choice of feeding spoon material, don’t use iron and silver feeding spoons for your baby,  these are easy to burn the baby’s mouth, to use silicone material, soft, not easy to burn the baby’s mouth, safer, not easy damage.

2, to the regular store to buy, to prevent the purchase of bad business, is not conducive to the health of the baby.

3, pay attention to check the instructions of the feeding spoon, and valid qualifications, check whether it is formal.


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