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Ceramic Knife Advantages:

Ceramic Tools for modern kitchens, with a series of metal knives incomparable advantages:

1, protect the healthy growth of infants Infant gastrointestinal vulnerability, poor body resistance, when feeding fruit, vegetables and meat should try to avoid contact with bacteria, so as not to cause physical discomfort. Ceramic knife with its unique material advantages, full of dense materials fired, no pores, unique non-metallic effective resistance to bacteria breeding, in the process of cutting food to protect the baby from pollution, care for the healthy growth of baby.

A ceramic knife is the best choice for a baby-weaned cooking tool.

2, never sharpening, lasting sharp Stainless steel and other relatively soft metal knives in the use of a period of time will appear sharp decline in the phenomenon of passivation. The ceramic knife is different, it has incomparable sharp blade, can cut out as thin as paper meat. Precision ceramics with superior hardness and wear resistance, according to the material Hardness comparison table shows that its hardness is second only to the diamond.

According to the test, precision ceramic wear resistance is the common kitchen knife 60 times times, no need to polish, lasting as new.

3, lock food Nutrition In the use of ceramic knives to cut meat, we will be surprised to find that the gravy will not flow out, this is because the ceramic knife is thin and sharp, so in the process of cutting food will not oppress the texture of meat, intact to retain the nutritional ingredients of food.
We use it to cut fruit juice rich fruits when the effect is more obvious, it gives us every day to enjoy nutritious delicious food.

4, anti-oxidation, not Chuanwei

When using metal knives to cut food, some foods are prone to oxidation, which will greatly damage the original taste of food.

5, intimate design, aplomb

The tool holder of ceramic knife is carefully designed according to human engineering, not only taking into account the action and intensity of cutting, but also realizing the curve and stability of the shank shape, it makes the operation center of gravity smooth, cut the food perfectly freely!

6, Precision ceramics, tough quality

Ceramic knife Excellent non-metallic property, so that it has never rust characteristics, do not worry about residual water stains will make the knife body rust stains.

7, avoid food odor irritation eyes People like to eat onions, but afraid to cut onions, because of cutting onions with a steel knife, the person’s eyes often tears.

Using a ceramic knife to cut onions does not make onion juice stimulate the eyes, so that people can enjoy the favorite food!

8, environmental health Ceramic knives can withstand a variety of acid and alkali organic matter, but not by the fruits and vegetables in the acid and oil corrosion, non-toxic, non-polluting, oxidation, not rust, is the ideal environmental health-oriented tool.

No matter what to cut, there will be no taste of food residue on the knife, not Chuanwei, this is the incomparable advantages of other tools!

9. Slim and light, enjoy the kitchen fun Ceramic tools have a slim and lightweight posture.
Compared with ordinary metal tools, ceramic knives in the use of the process will be more easily and smoothly, even if the processing of extremely difficult cutting work still performance.

10, popular in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, the choice of quality of life


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