Ceramic knife VS steel knife competition

The creation of ceramic knives threatens the unshakable position of traditional steel knives. Why do ceramic knives lead the new trend of modern knives? What is the difference between ceramic knives and steel knives? What are the advantages of ceramic knives?

First, the appearance and connotation:

The beautiful ceramic knives have a stylish appearance, the handles are colorful and varied, and the blades are rounded around to make them smooth and round. The color of the knife surface is excellent, the jade is transparent, and the texture is like real jade. The Middia ceramic knives are themselves a work of art, a fashion example of integrating art into knives.

The traditional steel knife, the lack of warmth in appearance, the fierce light, and the rust is even more terrible.

Second, who is more keenness?

The Middia ceramic knives are extremely sharp and sliced like paper.If the two relative to each other, the degree of thinness is almost indistinguishable. Ceramic knives cut Onions without dazzling, and no longer let people cry, cutting any other fruits and vegetables, and not flowing.

It takes a while for a conventional steel knife to sharpen the knife.

One apple a day, keep doctor away:

The beautiful ceramic knife has a beautiful appearance and is easy to clean. The consumer said: With the beautiful ceramic knife, you can insist on eating an apple every day to make your body healthier.

The traditional steel knife is just a tool for cutting vegetables. When it comes into close contact with food, metal ions are emitted, which affects food hygiene and does not guarantee health.


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