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Middia is The Best Chinese Ceramic Knife Manufacturer over 10 Years.

Middia constructed the core competitiveness and achieved fruitful results, many products are the world’s first and more than 100 patents have been obtained.

There are some type of Ceramic Knife and Box Cutter here.

Advantages of Middia Ceramic Knives are here:

1. Pure Ziconia, anti-oxidation, Slim and light, high hardness, extremely sharp blade, and does not need to be polished, 100% strict quality control.

2. Approved by FDA, LFGB, PAHs, RoHS, SGS.

3. One-stop-shop solution from design and cnc milling to in-house production, quality control and final packing for Ceramic Knife.

4. Different fashion style selection, you can OEM/ODM Ceramic Knives of the color, style, size, logo, materials, function etc.

If you’re interested in these Ceramic Knife, please ask custom service and ask samples and get product lists as soon as you can.

Santoku Knives

Kitchen Cutlery Best Chef Knife Ceramic Santoku Knife
5 Inch Kitchen Knife SK1
Ceramic Santoku Knife
Meat Knife SK2
Ceramic Vegetable Cutting Kitchen Knife With Sheath
Japanese Knives SK3
Kitchen Chef Use Santoku Slicing Black Ceramic Knife
Black Chef Knife SK4

Ceramic Knives Set

Chef Cutting Knife set
Chef Knife Set CKS1
4 Pieces Ceramic Food Cutting Kitchen Block Knife Set with Peeler
Kitchen Knife Set CKS2
Name Most Popular Kitchen Ceramic Utility Knife Set with Stand Item No. JZ64H01 Material Blade: Zirconia Ceramic; Handle:PP Blade Color White Handle Color White OR Customized Size As blow pic described. Usage Utility chef knife for kitchen cutting; fruit knife and peeler Feature 1. This ceramic knife is safe to be used on food; 2. Durable, Ultra-sharp edge, strong enough to withstand a dropping test; 3. It is handy, safety, environmentally-friendly and hygienic; 4. Blade is made from high purity Zirconia which is anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non- corrosive; 5. LFGB, ROHS, PAHS, SGS certificated. Cautious 1. Keep it away from Children; 2. Don't cut hard or frozen food; 3. Don't use your hand to test the hardness of blade; 4. Don't put it into dishwasher; 5. Ceramic knife should be used on plastic or wood cutting board.
Knife Set CKS3
Kitchen Knife Set
3 Color Knives Set CKS4
3 Pieces Ceramic Kitchen Knives Set Chef Cutting Knife
Ceramic Knife Set CKS5
Ceramic Kitchen Knife Peeler Scissors Set
Kitchen Knives Set CKS6
Professional Ceramic Black Blade Chef Cooking Kitchen Knife Set
Black Knife Set CKS7
Kitchen Knife Set Peeler
Knife Set Peeler CKS8

Ceramic Fruit Knives

Ceramic Peeling Fruit Paring Knife
Ceramic Knife FK5
4 inch Ceramic Peeling Fruit Paring Knife with PP
Paring Knife FK6
Paring Knives Ceramic Fruit Knife
Black Knife FK7
3 Inch Paring Knife With Cover Sheath
3 Inch Knives FK8
Fruit Peeling Ceramic Retractable Utility Knife
Potato Knives FK1
Ceramic Knife 2 In 1Combo Ceramic Kitchen Peeler Fruit Peeler Travel Knife
Fruit Knife FK2
Ceramic Parrot Knife Pocket Folding Fruit Knife With Safety Sheath
Mini Knife FK3
Ceramic Folding Knife and Fruit Forks Set with Storage Box
Folding Knife FK4

Box Cutter

Box Knife BK1
Ceramic utility knife
Utility Knife BK2
Ceramic box cutter
Carton Knife BK3
utility knife
Box Cutter BK4

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