Disadvantages of ceramic knives

Ceramic Knife Disadvantage:

A product has its advantages must have its shortcomings, ceramic knives are the same, because ceramic knives are sintered from zirconia, by the nature of its product raw material determines its hardness is 9, but more brittle, low toughness can not cut hard objects, high fall prone to collapse, lack of angle or break, so ceramic knives can not be chopped, smashed, pry, tick, etc. , although improvements in this area have been seen in recent years as a result of improved product technology, this can not solve the original nature of the product, coupled with ceramic knives in the processing with a large model of diamond grinding wheel into a knife, the thickness of thinning, more brittle, and then installed the hilt, weight increased, the ability to fall off.

So we use ceramic knives to avoid their short length.

Main Features High hardness, high abrasion resistance.

The use of aerospace special ceramics High-tech high temperature made, hardness
Only slightly below the diamond.

The blade is sharp and extremely durable without further grinding. Corrosion resistance, no iron smell, never rust, easy to clean.

It does not bring any peculiar smell to food. Non-toxic, health and environmental protection. High surface density, not easy to contaminate food juices, reduce the chance of bacterial breeding.

Ceramic Knife Super antibacterial function, very suitable for cutting food can be eaten directly.

It is the best tool to protect the healthy growth of infants. The green cutting tool keeps the original color and flavor of the food. The material chemical property is stable, the health is environmental protection. Can withstand all kinds of acid alkali organic matter corrosion, does not have any reaction with the food.

It is ideal for cutting sashimi, fruits, vegetables, boneless meat and cooked food.

The color is rounded, white, has the jade texture, adds the noble enjoyment. Ceramic knives should be used with wood, bamboo and other chopping boards. It is better to use with antibacterial chopping block, but should avoid using on stone chopping board. Please do not let it be subjected to high temperature.

Do not use high-temperature disinfection cupboard disinfection (handle does not withstand high temperature). Ceramic knife due to special performance, hardness is second only to diamond, so when handling food do not use it when chopping knives, and should avoid heavy or external impact, to prevent the blade fall, so as not to cause the ceramic blade corner or break. Ceramic knife can be used for cutting, cutting, etc., but not for chopping, smashing, pry, tick.

It is especially not used to chop bones and cut frozen foods.

When the tool is used up, it can be cleaned with clean water and detergent, then it can be placed on the tool holder or stored in the cutter box after the washing is done naturally. Blade itself sharp cut hand, should be particularly careful when stored, should be careful not to make children contact, so as to avoid misuse.

Ceramic Knife Drop Test Certificate

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