How to choose good ceramic knives?

How to judge the quality of ceramic knives?

When choosing a ceramic knife, how should we grasp its quality and price?

1. Look at the packaging.

Ceramic knives produced by regular companies generally have “anti-counterfeiting marks”, “barcodes” and company names, addresses, telephones, etc. (small tricks: you can call the phone on the package when you buy)

2, look at the blade

The blade should be thick (the thicker the better the durability), the blade should be evenly thinned (no intermittent). The edge of the high-quality ceramic knives will show a bright and uniform bright flash. Ceramic knives of low quality are not flashing bright lines, there are bright lines but uneven or bright lines are intermittent or thicker.

3, touch the blade

This is the core part. Use a thumb and nail to gently rub the blade (must be careful to prevent injury). The blade of the high-quality ceramic knife will not be broken, and the ceramic knife of low quality will be prone to chipping.

4, look at the surface

There are no stains, gray spots, cracks, pinholes on the side, fine lines, no roughness, smooth blades, and toughness. The powerful ceramic knife factory can even produce mirror ceramic knives that can be used as mirrors.

5, see the details

The high-quality ceramic knives pay great attention to detail. The back of the ceramic knives, the tips of the knives, and the tips of the knives (the blades are close to the handle) are polished and rounded to protect the hands during use.

6, look at the material

A: Look at the diameter of the zirconia powder. The diameter of zirconia powder is the most important indicator of a core technical level of the factory. The smaller the diameter of the pellet, the higher the density of the forged blade, the higher the hardness and the higher the quality. A ceramic knife with large diameter particles can be observed by a microscope, and the blade edge will show a very sharp jagged shape.

B: Look at the purity of the zirconia powder. The high-purity powder is transparent like jade, but usually some inferior ceramic knives are mixed with aluminum powder, which not only has low transparency, but also exhibits a partial light sensation. The flashlight is irradiated upward from the bottom of the ceramic knives (similar to the method of testing jade and jade). The ceramic blade has no impurities, no black spots, is very round, has a jade transparency, and is a high quality ceramic knives.

7, anti-drop

When a high-quality ceramic knife is accidentally dropped from the kitchen counter, it does not break or collapse.

8, try sharp

A. Overall cutting. Cutting A4 paper with a knife, the high-quality ceramic knife feels smooth and easy to cut during the cutting process, while the inferior ceramic knife has a blockage during the cutting process.

B, pick and cut. Cut from the edge of the A4 paper to a depth of about 0.2CM, and then cut obliquely, the high-quality ceramic knife can smoothly cut a small paper strip with a width of 0.2-0.4CM.

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