Ceramic shaped parts

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Ceramic shaped parts


MIDDIA ceramics is able to supply a wide range of machined industrial ceramics in a wide variety of ceramic materials from machining blanks to formed shapes.

Machining of ceramics enables precision components with very tight tolerances to be achieved. Superb levels of surface finish are also possible. Depending on business requirement this process enables everything from prototype work to mass production to be undertaken.

There are basically 2 types of ceramic machining offered by MIDDIA Ceramics and the selection will depend on the final requirement.

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Green machining

The machining of a component in the “Green” state (before final firing). This is a relatively low cost option but has some limitations in both the finish and tolerances that can be achieved.


Finish machining

At this point in the manufacturing process the base material has reached full strength and stability. Finish machining offers a precision surface finish together with very tight tolerances.

Due to the hardness of the utilised material, finish machining is a slower process. Only small amounts of material can be removed with each operation. Where possible to minimise cost it is recommended to use a mixture of both green and finish machining or to start with a near net shape part (See formed ceramics).


Processes include:

Benefits of machined ceramics
Our machined ceramic facilities are able to cope with relatively low as well as high volume production utilising both manual and automated production equipment.

Very tight tolerances possible
Excellent surface finish
Precision ground surfaces
Typical examples of machined ceramics would be in ware or chemical applications with pump parts, pistons, plungers, gears, slide ways or valve components which are subject to very harsh environments, but still requiring precision components with a good service life.

Low, medium and high volume manufacture
Complex shapes
Multiple forming techniques available
Low cost tooling possible (dependent on size, shape)
Machined to tight tolerance and finish where required

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