Are ceramic knives metal?

Are Ceramic Knives Metal?

First, the ceramic is a mixture, so it is definitely not a metal. Most of the ceramic is the main component of silicon, different ceramic will be mixed with different types of metal oxide such as alumina what.

Two, ceramic knives, most of the main cutting edges of ceramic knives sold on the market are zirconia. Of course, the part of the metal is retained, but it is not strictly in the sense of metal.

Most of the ceramic knives are made of a nanometer material, “zirconium oxide”. Zirconia + alumina powder was pressed into a knife blank with 300 tons of heavy pressure, and then sintered at 2000 degrees Celsius. Then, after grinding with diamond and matching with the hilt, the finished ceramic knives were made.

The blade is made of ceramic blade new high-tech nanotechnology, sharpness is ten times more than the steel, so the ceramic knife has high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, anti magnetic and oxidation.

The ceramic knife is made from the high pressure of the precision ceramics, so it is called the ceramic knife. Ceramic knives, known as “noble knives”, are the products of modern high technology, which are incomparable advantages of traditional metal cutting tools. High tech nano zirconia is used as raw material, so ceramic knives are called “zirconium gem knives”, and its elegance and value are obvious.

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