Boron Nitride Ceramic Rods custom drawing high temperature resistant durable

Boron Nitride Ceramic Structural Parts
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Boron Nitride Ceramic

Typical applications of boron nitride ceramics:

High-purity BN crucibles for molten metal processing. Crucibles and precipitation plates for firing phosphor nitride, silicon nitride, and aluminum nitride. Insulators and protection tubes for high performance furnaces. Insulators for polysilicon ingot furnaces.

The advantages and characteristics of boron nitride ceramics:
The world’s leading boron nitride powder is used to ensure material purity and high temperature resistance. It adopts cold isostatic pressing and two-way hot pressing sintering technology, which has high density and long service life. Stable and mature production technology and process, without using any binder, to ensure the stability of the material.
Boron Nitride Ceramic Rods
Boron Nitride Ceramic Rods
Boron Nitride Ceramic Rods

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