Custom Ceramic Blades

Name Industrial Cutting Ceramic Blades
Item No. DP20
Material Zirconia Ceramic
Blade Color White
Size Customized
Shape Customized
Usage Industrial Cutting
Feature 1.Made by high-technology,clean and non-stick surface on blade.
2.Extra sharp and durable,keep sharp edge always.
3.Perfect to make serration on the rounded edge.
4.Pass drop test.
Cautious 1. Do not sharpen the ceramic blade.
2. Do not use the ceramic blade as the same function as a screw driver.
3. Keep it away from children.

ceramic blade


MIDDIA ceramic blades are designed for high performance and precisions cutting processes in various including film and foil, medical, converting or assembling of electronic components. Market leaders around the globe have chosen our solid ceramic slitting blades to improve their cutting application.

Your benefits of our zirconia blades and machine knives include:

Better cutting performance in high temperature applications
Maximum resistance to corrosion
Protect against static build-up
Higher levels of blade durability (up to 8 times compared to standard)
Clean cutting edges thanks to low coefficient of friction
Ceramic cutting blade we supplied as below;

Ceramic Capsule Cutters
Ceramic Exacto-style Blades and Cutters
Large Ceramic Trimmer Blades
Ceramic Blades and Components used in Medical Devices
Ceramic Receipt Cutters and Blades
Close up view of receipt cutters
Ceramic block used for sharpening both ceramic and traditional blades
Ceramic Blade for Textile Industry


Cutting machinery Series blade

A. Cutting machinery Series (be used in cutting Fibre, tape, film etc).

Exact Cutting length, Less changing blade, higher producing efficiant


Textile blade

B. Textile blade
105mm Small Hole Rotary Cutter Round Circular Blade Ceramic Cutting Knife
No cause fibers to melt, longer usage

other type of blade

C. other type of blade
105mm Small Hole Rotary Cutter Round Circular Blade Ceramic Cutting Knife
Eletrostatic Prevention, Corrosion Resistion, much longer usage (50-100 times rather than steel)

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