Japanese Ceramic Knives Chef Knife

5 Inch Japanese Style Ceramic Chef Knife
Item No.
Blade: Zirconia Ceramic;  Handle: PP
Blade Color
Handle Color
Red,green,blue,or customized
Blade length :120 mm,Total length :235mm
Kitchen Utility Knife, Vegetable Knife
1.Healthy,do not corrode and acid resistant due to high chemical stability.
2.Keep nutrients, not oxidizing food,keep foods fresh and the natural tastes.
3.Extra sharp and durable,keep sharp edge always.
4.Ceramic knife is non-metal cutlery,which is rust-proof and will not emit metal ions,this can ensure no metal small on food.
5.Made by high-technology,clean and non-stick surface on blade.
6.Very light and convenient,ceramic knife is only half weight of the traditional metal one.
7.Excellent comfortable Handle, ergonomically designed.
8.Rounded edges to keep safe.
1. Do not use the ceramic knife for chopping bones or un-defrost food.
2. Do not put the handle on fire.
3. Do not use the size of the blade to crush garlic or food.
4. Do not sharpen the ceramic knife.
5. Do not use the ceramic knife as the same function as a screw driver.
6. Do not put ceramic knife in a dish washer.
7. Do not use the ceramic knife on marble,glass,tile or metallic cutting board.

Ceramic Vegetable Cutting Kitchen Knife With Sheath

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