Kitchen Knife Set Ceramic Blade



Item No.
Blade: Zirconia Ceramic;  Handle: PP
Blade Color
Handle Color
Green/Blue/Red OR Customized
A 6 inch knife, a 4.5 inch knife, a peeler.
Utility chef knife for kitchen cutting; fruit knife and peeler

1. This ceramic knife is safe to be used on food;

2. Durable, Ultra-sharp edge, strong enough to withstand a dropping test;
3. It is handy, safety, environmentally-friendly and hygienic;
4. Blade is made from high purity Zirconia which is anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non- corrosive;

1. Keep it away from Children;

2. Don’t cut hard or frozen food;
3. Don’t use your hand to test the hardness of blade;
4. Don’t put it into dishwasher;
5. Ceramic knife should be used on plastic or wood cutting board.
Why Choose Us
1. Reliable Manufacturer,Exquisite Design,Comfortable Grip,Easy to Use!
Kitchen Knife Set

Kitchen Knife Set


2. High Pure Zirconia Material,Excellent Quality!

Kitchen Knife Set Kitchen Knife Set

3. Drop Test Passed,Strong Enough To Withstand A Drop Test and Is Not Easy Broken!

Kitchen Knife Set Kitchen Knife Set

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