What are ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are mostly processed from a nanomaterial “zirconia”. The zirconia + alumina powder was pressed into a mold with a weight of 300 tons and pressed into a mold, sintered at 2000 ° C, and then polished with diamond and fitted with a shank to make a finished ceramic knife.

The ceramic blade is a new type of blade made of high-tech nanotechnology. The sharpness is more than ten times that of the steel knife. Therefore, the ceramic knife has the characteristics of high hardness, high density, high temperature resistance, anti-magnetization and oxidation resistance.

Ceramic knives are developed using high-precision ceramics, so they are called ceramic knives. The ceramic knife is known as the “noble knife”. As a product of modern high-tech, it has the advantages unmatched by traditional metal cutters. It uses high-tech nano-zirconia as raw material, so the ceramic knife is also called “zirconium jewel.”

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