Ceramic Baby Food Scissors Advantage

Ceramic Food Kitchen Scissors
Why use ceramic baby food scissors to make baby food supplements?


1: The ceramic blade has a flame pattern to indicate that the blade has good resistance to falling;


2: The sharpness of the cut is not slippery, the low-end product is not sharp, the loose mouth is not cut, and the shearing experience is excellent;


3: High temperature resistance, can be boiled, high temperature disinfection, many products are resistant to high temperature, but the actual experience does not exceed 3 times after temperature resistance deformation, can not be cut normally or difficult to cut;


4: Easy to clean and process, fine pore-free, not easy to dirty, super durable and hygienic, ceramic knives, complementary food scissors, food scissors are basically fine processing;


5: The knife tip is rounded and the blade is sharply cut. It is unfavorable to touch the blade at hand. This unique method of cutting is also called safety blade and does not hurt the hand;


6: No rust and no residual metal rust. The products on the market have a sharp effect for a period of time in order to prevent the scissors from loosening or difficult to cut and shimming. However, after using the scissors for a certain period of time, the screws can not be cleaned by the rusty position, and the scissors are still unable or difficult to cut after the gasket is flattened.


7: Scabbard; scabbard must be pp and other water-free boiled without harmful substances, many businesses in the market for the product beautiful and practical pc material scabbard, pc material can be used in the maternal and child industry under baidu encyclopedia.


Ceramic Kitchen Scissors



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