Ceramic Scissors Supplier Baby food Scissors Shears

Middia is The First Brand In Chinese Ceramic Scissors Industry.

Middia constructed the core competitiveness and achieved fruitful results, many products are the world’s first and more than 100 patents have been obtained, and passed FDA, LFGB Certification.

We Offer OEM & ODM Service.

Ceramic Scissors

supplementary Food Scissor Ceramic Scissors

Food Ceramic Scissors CS1

Baby Safe Portable Ceramic Food Scissors

Baby Ceramic Scissors CS2

Ceramic Food Cutting Scissors 2.5 Inch

2.5 Inch Food Scissors CS3

Ceramic Baby Food Cutting Scissors

2.5 Inch Cutting Scissors CS4

ceramic scissors supplier Food Cutting Kitchen Ceramic Salad Baby Scissors

2 inch Ceramic Shears CS5

Ceramic Baby Food Cutting Mini Scissors 1 Inch

1 Inch Mini Scissors CS6

Meat Cutting Ceramic Kitchen Scissors

Meat Cutting Scissors CS7

Fishing Scissors

Ceramic Fishing Scissors

1 inch Fishing Scissors FS1

Retractable Fishing Line Cutter Serrated Blade Ceramic Braid Scissors With Carabineer

Food Cutting Scissors FS2

Ceramic Fishing Line Plier

Ceramic Fishing Line Pliers FS3

Fishing Braided Line Scissors Multipurpose Ceramic Blade Electrician Scissors

Fishing Electrician Scissors FS4

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