Ceramic Japanese Knife Santoku Knife 5 inch

Blade Material: Zirconia
Handle Material: PP
Blade Color: White
Handle Color:pearl white or at customized
Size:blade 127x31x1.8mm,total length:245mm


1. Made of high puriey zirconia which is high hardness and durable.
2. Anti-bacterial,oxidition resistant.
3. Extra sharp and keep sharp edge in years without resharpening.
4. Very light weight,only 1/2 weight of the tradtional steel knife

5.Drop test passed.



Product Features:
1. Made of high purity Zirconia, high-tech products, non-slip handle.
2. Extra sharp and durable, razor-sharp blade can cut food as thin as paper, the high hardness and density make blade have long lasting cutting and retains perfect sharp edge for years without re-sharpening.
3. Stain and rust proof, no chemical reaction with the food, do not leave behind any metallic taste or smell, Impervious to food acids.
4. Oxidation resistant, maintain each food’s flavour and color.
5. Comfortable and light, well-balanced non-slip handle, effortlessly glides through food.


Ceramic Knife Japanese Style Chef Santoku Knife 5 inch

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