Ceramic Kitchen Knife 6 inch

American Style High Quality Zirconia Blade Ceramic Kitchen Chef Knife

6 Inch Kitchen Ceramic Utility Chef Knife
Item No.
Blade: Zirconia ;  Handle: PP
Blade Color
Handle Color
Pink/Blue/Green OR Customized
Blade: 155x34x1.8mm, handle:124mm
Use for daily kitchen cutting

1. This ceramic knife is safe and health to be used on food;

2. Durable, Ultra-sharp edge, strong enough to withstand a dropping test;
3. It is handy, safety, environmentally-friendly and hygienic;
4. Blade is made from high purity Zirconia which is anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non- corrosive;
5. Light weight,it’s only half weight of the traditional metal knife;

1. Keep it away from Children;

2. Don’t cut hard or frozen food;
3. Don’t use your hand to test the hardness of blade;
4. Don’t put it into dishwasher;
5. Ceramic knife should be used on plastic or wood cutting board.


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