Ceramic Utility Blade

Name Ceramic Utility Blade
Item No. ISUB01
Material Zirconia Ceramic
Blade Color White
Size Customized
Shape Customized
Usage Industrial Cutting
Feature 1.Made from high purity zirconia,extra sharp.
2.Extra sharp and durable,keep sharp edge always.
3.Pass drop test.
4.It’s available to customize any shape and size after negotiation.
Cautious 1. Do not sharpen the ceramic blade.
2. Do not use the ceramic blade as the same function as a screw driver.
3. Keep it away from children.

This Ceramic blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, feature no oil coating, and never rust. With a 100 percent zirconium dioxide composition and a sturdy, finger-friendly® design, these blades can handle tough materials and still exhibit superior wear resistance. In fact, they last up to 11 times longer than comparable steel blades. In addition, their proprietary safety edge helps reduce injuries and therefore lower costs.


Middia Knives manufactures and supplies a full line of both STANDARD and CUSTOM cutting knives and blades. All of our standard Ceramic cutting knives are manufactured to exceed the exact OEM standards.

The advantage for you to choose ceramic blade:

Sharpness: The material that make up a ceramic blade are very hard. So hard that they are the second hardest materal only to diamond.  After the blade is sharpened, it will keep its razor sharp edge without wearing out or becoming dull. However metal blades require consistent sharpening.

Durability: Through our own testing and our customers’ feedback, our ceramic blade’s durability is 50 times longer than normal steel blade.

Rust: ceramic blade will not rust as metal blade will.

Blade can be customized as you required if you can send blade drawings or samples to us.




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