Zirconia Ceramic Knives 2 Pieces Precision and Durability


Ceramic Chef Knife Set
Blade Material: Zirconia
Handle Material: PP
Blade Color: white
Handle Color: black/green/pink/blue
Size: 6 inch: Blade: 155x34x1.8mm, handle:124mm

4 Inch: Blade: 104x20x1.6mm, Handle: 102mm



1.Unique patent design,flame surface pattern patetnt for blade.

2.Durable,keep super sharp edge always.

3.Stain and rust free,BPA free.

4.Lockable cover more safe for baby.

5.Very Convenient to use at home or on the go.

6.Strong enough to withstand a dropping test and is not easy broken.


ceramic chef knives set


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