The difference between ceramic knives and metal knives in kitchen life

Knives in the kitchen are indispensable things, we have them in our daily lives, but have you ever found that metal knives will rust after a long time, and cut food will taste bad, so now many families choose to use zirconia ceramic knives, then What is the difference between zirconia ceramic tools and metal tools?

ceramic kitchen knife 6 inch

Zirconia ceramic knives: The main material of ceramic knives is zirconium dioxide, which is simply: high hardness, extremely sharp blade, and does not need to be polished, as long as it is used without falling to the ground, without external impact, without chopping or cutting, There is no need to sharpen the knife for a long time under normal use. Moreover, the ceramic knife is extremely sharp in cutting things. It cuts fish, fruits, vegetables, etc. very cleanly, and the blade is extremely sharp. After all, the hardness of the ceramic knife is there, and the use of a kitchen knife can not cut such an effect.

Metal knives: Although metal knives are not as clean as ceramic knives in cutting things, they are better at resisting pressure. Generally, you have never seen anyone use ceramic knives to cut bones. This is the advantage of metal knives, because they are It is made of iron, so harder things can be cut off. ?

Zirconia ceramic knives: After anti-oxidation treatment, the ceramic knives have a high density and no pores on the surface. In addition, they are made of ceramic materials, which will not produce peculiar smell and metallic taste during the food cutting process. This technology has passed The detection of food safety materials is more healthy and durable.

Metal knives: traditional metal-cast knives have numerous pores on the surface, so there will be soup left in the pores when cooking ingredients, and metal knives will have traces of metal elements when cooking ingredients, which can cause peculiar smell or Metallic taste, just like when we cut fruit, we will find that there is a taste of metal ions, that is, the smell of iron. This taste will affect our taste, and the soup hidden in the pores will also be produced.

In summary, zirconia ceramic knives are basically very useful except for the disadvantage of not being able to clean large food materials. In addition to sharpness, the special advantage of zirconia ceramic knives is that they are tasteless. Compared with metal knives, it is necessary to have a ceramic knife that specializes in cutting fruits and vegetables.

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