Why don t ceramic blades cut skin?

Ceramic blades are extremely sharp and are capable of cutting through many materials, including food and some types of fabric. However, they are less likely to cut skin compared to steel blades because they have a different edge geometry.

Steel blades typically have a thin, sharp edge that is designed to slice through materials with minimal force. However, this also means that they can easily penetrate skin if not used carefully. Ceramic blades, on the other hand, have a more rounded edge that is less likely to pierce the skin. This is because the ceramic material is brittle and more prone to chipping or breaking under high stress, which can be caused by trying to pierce skin.

While this can be a disadvantage in certain situations, such as medical procedures where a sharp blade is needed to make precise incisions, it can also be an advantage in everyday use. Ceramic blades are less likely to cause accidental injuries if they come into contact with skin, which can make them a safer option for use in the kitchen or other settings where people may be handling sharp objects.

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