MIDDIA/Media Brings Ceramic Complementary Food Knives To Participate In The 2020 EBME Maternal And Child Exhibition

October 10-12, Shanghai·National Convention and Exhibition Center, Xiamen Media Bioceramics Technology Co., Ltd. will participate in 2020CBME Maternal and Child Exhibition with its latest products. The main products on display include ceramic complementary food knives, ceramic complementary food scissors, ceramic fruit knives, and ceramic digging. Mud spoons, children’s practice chopsticks and other supplementary food products for infants and young children are widely welcomed by new and old customers!


MIDDIA/Media ceramic knife is made of nano-material “Zirconium Oxide” and developed by high-pressure precision ceramics, so it is called ceramic knife. Compared with traditional knives, it has the advantages of wear resistance, high density, high hardness, no metallic residue in cutting food, antibacterial, anti-oxidation, light and thin, convenient, and easy to clean. It has many advantages and characteristics that cannot be replaced by metal knives.

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2020 EBME Maternal And Child Exhibition 2020 EBME Maternal And Child Exhibition

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