Ceramic Knives Practical application and development

Practical application and development :

Prospect of ceramic knives Although the research level of ceramic tools in China is not worse than abroad, but the actual application development is slow. According to the relevant information reported that the current domestic ceramic tool for the total tool usage ratio of not more than 1%. Silicon Nitride ceramic tool is a new kind of tool which has been popularized in production in recent years.

Therefore, no matter in the geometrical parameters of the tool, cutting dosage and the use of technology, are lack of mature experience. China’s ceramic cutting tool in the indexable tool, a small proportion of the annual output of less than 0 of cemented carbide. 1%. From the cutting performance, China’s ceramic tool for high hardness alloy cast iron roughing, intermittent cutting direction. The St new compound Ceramic tool developed by university can cut the high speed steel hob with intermittent cutting HRC63.

In the tool variety in addition to a variety of car knives are also developing milling cutters and planer and so on.


1, good wear resistance, machinable traditional tools can not be processed or can not be processed at all high hard materials, and thus exempt from the annealing processing of electricity consumption, and therefore can also improve the hardness of the workpiece, prolong the service life of machine equipment;

2, not only to the high hardness of coarse materials, finishing, can also be milling, planing, intermittent cutting and rough pull out of rough vehicles, such as the impact of a large processing;

3, ceramic blade cutting and metal friction is small, cutting is not easy to adhere to the blade. It is not easy to produce cuttings. Plus you can make high speed cutting.

So when the conditions are the same, the workpiece table and the roughness is lower.

4, tool durability than traditional tool high several times or even dozens of times times, reducing the number of knives in the processing, to ensure that the workpiece is processed small taper and high-precision;

5, high temperature, red hard and good. Can be continuously cut under 1 200 ℃. So the cutting speed of ceramic cutting tools can be much higher than that of cemented carbide.

Can carry out high-speed cutting or realize “to car, milling substituting grinding”, cutting efficiency is 3-10 times higher than traditional tool, to save hours, power, machine tool number 30-70% or higher effect;

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