Ceramic knives Production process

how ceramic knives are made?

1. Mixing ingredients: ball milling → vibrating grinding → ball milling → adding glue → ball milling;
2. Pressing the blank: The dry powder pressing process of the ceramic blade has high requirements on the powder morphology, the surface charge state of the powder and the granulation of the mixed powder, so the pressing process is difficult;
3. Blank body discharging: The degumming process of the ceramic blade is similar to the production process of the cemented carbide tool;
4, GPS + HIP processing: sintering process using atmosphere protection sintering (GPS) + hot isostatic pressing (HIP) processing technology;
5, blade sharpening: the quality of the sharpening of the ceramic blade has a great impact on the performance of the tool;
6, the installation handle: There are 3 large material handles, plastic handles (ABS), wooden handles, ceramic handles.
The most widely used is the plastic handle, followed by the wooden handle. The wooden handle feels best, and it is often used in high-grade ceramic knives. The ceramic handle is easy to break.
7. Test knives: For the ceramic blades produced in different batches and at different times, in addition to monitoring their performance indicators, test knives should be carried out before leaving the factory to verify the cutting performance of the blades. The test knives are generally completed on the machine tool of the factory;
8, packaging inspection: inspection of damaged, defective products, defective products, qualified, packaging.

Ceramic Knife Set

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