How to maintain ceramic knife?

Maintenance method of ceramic knife:

1. Do not twist the knife during the cutting process;

2. do not use a kitchen knife to cut frozen (or not completely thawed) food. raw rice cake. bone flesh and fish. crab and other hard objects;

3. Do not wash the ceramic knife in the dishwasher. It can be washed in clean water or detergent. and dried naturally.

4. Please pay special attention to the blade when using. the blade is extremely sharp;

5. please stay away from children. put the kitchen knife in a place that children can’t reach. so as to avoid accidental injury;

6.Use wooden or plastic cutting boards instead of stone cutting boards;

7. do not throw ceramic knives in the sky will break the knife;

8. do not use a knife to cut. smash. knock. fall and impact. do not use the knife as a lever;

9. Place the ceramic knife in the tool holder. knife holder or other stable environment;

10. Do not try to sharpen the knife yourself;

11. Do not place the kitchen knife too close to the fire source to avoid deformation of the plastic handle.

12. The blade part is dirty. stained. etc.. and can be soaked in the kitchen bleach. Do not wipe with a metal cleaning ball or the like. and the blade may become dark due to the action of the metal powder.

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