Preparation of ceramic Knives

Preparation of ceramic Knives:

1, mixed ingredients: Ball mill → vibration grinding → ball mill → glue → ball mill;

2, the pressing body: Ceramic blades of dry powder compaction process on the powder morphology, powder surface charge status and mixed powder granulation requirements are very high, it is difficult to suppress the process;

3, Body discharge glue: Ceramic blade degumming process and carbide tools similar to the production process;

4, Gps+hip treatment: sintering process using atmosphere protection sintering (GPS) + hot isostatic pressing (HIP) processing technology;

5, Blade Grinding: The blade grinding quality of ceramic blades has a great impact on the performance of the tool;

6, installation handle: There are 3 large material handle, plastic handle (ABS), wooden handle, ceramic handle.The most widely used is plastic handle, followed by wooden handle, wood handle is best to use in high-grade ceramic knife, ceramic material handle easy to break.

7, Test knife: For different batches, different time production of ceramic blades, in addition to monitoring its performance indicators, in the factory should also be tested before the knife to test the cutting performance of the blade.The test knife is generally completed on the machine tool of the factory;

8, packaging inspection: Inspection products in the breakage, defective, defective, qualified, packaging.

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