Ceramic scissors high hardness

Ceramic scissors have high hardness.

(1) Ceramic knife hardness can reach HRA87 above such high hardness, make ceramic knife edge is extremely sharp, cutting meat, vegetables, fruits and so handy, very brisk labor, and will not roll edge. (2) with high abrasion resistance.

Ceramic knife wear resistance is dozens of times times the metal knife, because of this feature, making ceramic knife in the long-term use of the process to save the trouble of repeated grinding, known as “Never wear-type” tool.

(3) stable chemical properties. Ceramic knife non-toxic, non-polluting, oxidation, not rust, can withstand a variety of acid-base and other organic corrosion. Ceramic knife in the high temperature without any harmful material precipitation, is environmentally-friendly tool.

Ceramic knives do not react with food, cut vegetables or fruit, do not produce strange smell and dark spots.

(4) Hygienic antibacterial. Ceramic knife without electrostatic, non-magnetic, small friction, treatment of food is not easy adhesion.Ceramic knife materials are compact, no microporous, no stain, easy to wash, can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria, long-term use, beneficial to health.

(5) The weight of the ceramic knife is a metal knife 2/3, so the use of it will not be as heavy as metal knives, very brisk, especially suitable for the household.Very popular with housewives.

(6) Ceramic knives are particularly suitable for the treatment of sashimi, fruit and vegetable salad, cooked food, sliced duck, cut egg, cut bread, cutting sausage, etc., clean and hygienic.

With ceramic knife cut onion garlic and other stimulating taste food, as long as the knife with water rinse, and then wipe dry with a clean cloth, the knife body will not remain a strange smell, use it to cut other food will not chuanwei.

(7) Ceramic knife embodies the Chinese ancient pottery culture and the perfect combination of modern High-tech, printed in the new century, green new materials, health, environmental protection concept, novel fashion, is leading the trend of life fashion new products.

(8) Ceramic knife work fine, its exquisite workmanship, handsome in appearance, its jade white, shiny knife body, black laser marking, with antique, ergonomic standard of solid wood handle, dressed in red gift box, like the Yulong, dancing Millennium illiterate, with a high appreciation of the value of crafts and collection value,is highly favored by pottery culture, is a gift to friends and relatives, the jiapin exchanges. Ceramic knife Because of a number of advantages, as a result of the introduction, the pursuit of a lot of life fashion people welcome, the family has ceramic knives, has become a symbol of high-grade, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, ceramic knives will walk into ordinary people’s homes.

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