Western-style kitchen knives

Western-style kitchen knives:

A wide variety of categories, especially fine.

Commonly used tools are: Chef’s knife/Chef’s knife (chief*s knife/ochmesser): A versatile knife with a wide, curved blade that can be used to cut meat, fish and vegetables. The Chinese kitchen knife is the weight of the knife, from top to bottom cut.

Western-style knives are lighter, cutting is the tip of the knife almost do not leave the chopping board, but to lift the second half of the knives, such as the use of guillotine or SHENRA. Three German knives (Santoku knife, santokumesser): Cutting meat, vegetables, melons and fruits of the almighty knife, Kochmesser for the oriental version of the improvement.

The size is smaller than the average kochmesser, and the tip part is more rounded.

Meat Cutter/multi-use knife (fleischmesser/utility knife): Long and sharp knife body for cutting, cutting, chopping and carving.

Machete (Hackmesser): Similar to the Chinese kitchen knife, but the body is more thick, used to cut bones, frozen meat. Bone Cutter (ausbeinmesser/bonning knife): The knife body is very narrow, easy to separate bones and meat.

Westerners seldom eat meat with bones except hoof.

Bread Knife (brotmesser/bread knife): knife length, blade is jagged, used to cut bread or other external hard inside the soft food, can not be used to cut meat or fish, cannot cut out the flat film.
Steak knife (steakmesser/steak knife): The knife body is narrow, the back is straight, the blade is curved, can smooth cut the meat.

Vegetable knife (gemüsemesser/vegetable knife): Small and light, straight blade, used to peel, cut and chop vegetables.

Small Cutter (spickmesser/parer): A knife with a sharp tip that can be used to cut vegetables and clean vegetables.

Peeling knife (Tourniermesser/peeler): knife, blade inner bend, convenient for round vegetables and fruits peeled. Tomato knife (tomatenmesser/tomato knife): The blade is wavy, can smooth cut the skin of tomatoes, cut out the slices of tomatoes, but not the juice due to squeeze too much loss, the tip fork, can stir the tomato slices.

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